About Takata Lab




We have no engineering system with absolute safety. Accordingly, a qualitative and quantitative understanding of risk on the system will be one of the most key issues to discuss its safety and to make a decision concerning with an application of the system.,

Since a nuclear power plant is a huge and complex engineering system, intrinsic risks in the plant include large uncertainties and numerous scenarios. Hence, a ratiocinative methodology will be of importance to clarify the risks. We have been developing the methodology based on experimental approaches as well as numerical simulation technology.

We have also investigated a qualitative characteristic of the information concerning with the risk, which is obtained in the risk assessment, and its elemental role on decision making so as to enhance development of human resources who has accomplishment of utilizing risk information on decision making reasonably.

キーワード / Keywords

原子力安全; リスク評価; 確率論的リスク評価; 数値シミュレーション; 不確かさ; 意思決定

Nuclear Safety; Risk Assessment; Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA); Numerical Simulation; Uncertainty; Decision Making

沿革 / History

Takata Lab established.

卒業後の進路 / Career Opportunities after Graduation


Although our lab has not yet graduated many students since its establishment, we believe that the skills related to simulation and risk assessment and the utilization of risk information obtained from these technologies are highly versatile and will provide students with a wide range of employment options. 

We expect that graduates will be able to work in a wide range of fields, from research institutes, electric power companies, heavy industry manufacturers, and other nuclear-related companies to engineering companies, civil servants, consultants, banks, trading companies, and others.